It’s a Boy!

Usually I am the last to find out about celebrity gossip! I was three days late in finding out Kim Kardashian had her baby and to this day I still get confused as to what direction the baby girl was named after (No offence)! I began and ended reading tabloid magazines in grade 7 and while I try to use Twitter and Facebook, I am not very good at keeping up with the most current news.

Of course a Royal Baby is a bit different! Our community library began celebrating the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge long before she was said to be due. I thought it was cute that they created a contest for kids to vote whether they thought it would be a girl or boy. They asked the children to write down the name he or she thought the royal baby would be given. “Princess Jasmine” “Cinderella” and “Princess Aurora” were definitely the most common if the child thought the baby was going to be a girl. The library also filled a table with newspaper articles about Kate and William, baby name books and books about Canadian history since Canada is part of the British Commonwealth.

Royal Baby 1 Royal Baby 2

Canada had pre-planned to celebrate the birth of the baby by illuminating landmarks in the colour of the baby’s gender. The Peace Tower up on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Toronto’s CN Tower and the Niagara Falls were all lit blue last night. Before hand, a hospital in Oshawa Ontario even proposed that Kate should have her baby there, since she would have more privacy because everyone expected her to give birth in London, England. That would have been cool as Oshawa is only an hour away from where I live!

I think it’s pretty neat that my sister Caitlin and her husband Aaron got married the same year as Kate and William but it’s even more of a coincidence that my niece Lottie, their baby, was born exactly 5 months before the royal baby boy was delivered. Caitlin announced that Lottie doesn’t mind dating a boy a bit younger. I think I could get used to being a distant member of a royal family. She is already loving fancy dresses and I love tea parties!

1069859_10100531811058981_1959849486_n Lottie 1

So while there won’t be a Queen to inherit the crown quite yet , I think everyone was equally pleased when Kate Middleton delivered her healthy baby boy at 4:24p.m. Monday July 22nd. While we know his weight, 8lbs 6oz, we have yet to find out his name. What do you think it will be? Prince Charming? Congratulations again to the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William on one of their best moments in life. I have tremendous faith that they will make excellent parents and may this little parcel of joy bring with him prosperity, happiness and bliss. ♥ Molly

“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

So it’s Canada’s Birthday, Eh?

A long time ago on the first of July, there was a formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada … Hold on that is the historical story. I think you’d rather know what Canadians do on Canada Day!

Technically July 1st is Canada’s biggest “Party Day” full of parades, concerts, fireworks, barbecues and other get-togethers. While schools, banks, government offices and many other stores and businesses are closed, Canadians are still able to find lots of fun activities to keep themselves busy. Everywhere you look, you are bound to see a sea of red and white since Canadians take pleasure in dressing themselves with maple leafs and other Canadian pride!

IMG_5741 IMG_5742

In Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, ceremonies take place on the lawn of the parliament buildings. Since not everyone can make it, they broadcast the Ottawa festivities across Canada on the news. It’s neat to see the RCMP riding on their horses dressed in sophisticated uniforms. I remember two years back when Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William came to Ottawa-Gatineau to celebrate Canada’s birthday. The lawn was definitely packed to it’s full capacity.

Canada Day is also a great day to recognize and celebrate Canadian citizenship! Today one out of five Canadians has been born in a country other than Canada. Canada is one of the few proud multicultural countries and it shows its pride by allowing Chinese dances, Greek food and even Aboriginal barbecues to be honoured on its birthday. The only food that is commonly associated with Canada day throughout the entire country is a maple leaf themed slab cake (Angel Food Cake, Whipped Cream and Strawberries).

From boat races to beach volleyball, movie watching to family walks, all Canadians are able to put their own spin on Canada day. To each, the day means something a little bit different but to all, it IS Canada’s birthday! (I personally like to go mini golfing but haven’t done that in ages). This year I am celebrating Canada Day by visiting my Nana! Yesterday I was invited to a friend’s BBQ, where we feasted on chicken, steak, shrimp, roasted veggies, a potato dish, corn on the cob, baked tomato with parmesan and some other munchies. My plate doesn’t reflect the second helping of shrimp and vegetables that I took (so delicious). I volunteered to bring cupcakes, and as I was dying the icing,  I learned how hard “RED” is to make when your base is white. Red + White = Pink! I may or may not have also tried my first Ceasar – Non-acloholic of course! I fell in love with Clamato juice and even enjoyed the taste of the celery salt, despite not being a big fan of salt!

IMG_5694 IMG_5719 IMG_5676 IMG_5692Although Canada is one of the youngest countries, it is not the least proud. It has already established traditions and memories that will last one’s lifetime.  It is definitely the most respected and respectful country that there is (I might be slightly biased)! It’s uniqueness is exquisite and its potential is never-ending, to be honest, the National Anthem “O’Canada” barely does it justice! Never have I ever met one Canadian embarrassed to say their Citizenship! In Canada we get to experience 4 seasons, grow up learning two primary languages (French and English), and enjoy foods such as Beaver Tails, Timbits (Now in other countries), Poutine and Maple Syrup! Honestly, Canada’s positive qualities go on and on but if you are Canadian, you already know what I am talking about! We are fun loving and free will. Don’t get me wrong, I value England, Holland, China, the United States and other countries as well (Hello Traveling and Bloggers) however July 1st is Canada’s Day to celebrate and be proud.

Emma is on the far left, and I am two beside her. Nathan is on the far right, and Caitlin is directly beside her.

Emma is on the far left, and I am two beside her (Pink). Nathan is on the far right, and Caitlin is directly beside.


My best friend Caitlin and I!


So what are your plans for today, Monday July 1st? Will you take it easy relaxing under the sun, or are you partying hard at a Canadian parade? Regardless, I sure hope that you were wearing red and white (And maybe a maple leaf) somewhere in your attire! ♥ Molly

Fun Fact: Canadians are often known for the use of “Eh” at the end of sentences. While this is a stereotype, and “pardon” is more commonly used, it can be heard from time to time. Rather than saying “Huh”, “Right” or “You Know”, Canadians say “Eh” to end off a question or as an affirmative. For example,  “That cupcake was delicious, eh?” or “It’s pretty neat, eh!” or “It’s a nice day today, eh?”!