WIAW: Normal Eating

I have a busy day ahead so I wasn’t going to post this morning, but then I decided why not skip the gym and blog instead. Sounds like a good compromise right?


Since I’ve been at University I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my appetite. Maybe it’s because I am awake for more hours during the day, or perhaps because my exercise has increased (especially walking up the Brescia hill and 5 flights of stairs each day!). My brain is definitely devoting more energy into learning and studying, plus it consumes energy as I shiver in the freezing cold library (I was told this is suppose to keep me alert but I think it does the opposite). What I do know is that I’m still not eating big enough breakfasts (this has always been a challenge) and without falling culprit to the “I don’t get enough protein” bandwagon, I seriously don’t get enough protein at each meal! After tracking my nutrition for a food and nutrition assignment, it was brought to my attention that although I’m consuming adequate milk and alternatives and meat and alternatives, most of my starchier foods come from vegetables leading to a lack of grain products. Contrastingly, my diet overall is high in carbohydrates but low in fat and protein which would be the opposite of what my food groups suggested. Could my hunger be a result of the fact that carbohydrates are the fastest source of energy so my energy source is being depleted quickly? 564029_349519251850526_1469426416_n1391661_349518861850565_1541284653_n

While I know this isn’t necessarily an accurate representation since it was only a snapshot of my intake (plus the nutrition tracker was limited in terms of brands of foods and I eyeballed serving sizes) it got me thinking about how unaware I truly am of my daily consumption. I believed myself to be a pretty balanced eater but in actuality some days were examples of under nutrition while others were over nutrition. I’m not going to go into detail otherwise I mind as well have posted my reflection, but I wanted to spark a conversation in your mind as to what makes you eat the way you do? Do you track your nutritional intake? Do you take into accordance what you have already consumed in the day or are going to consume in an upcoming meal before selecting an item? Do you eat each meal in the present?1375229_349518875183897_1017553201_n 1377970_349519185183866_1543147004_n

Some days, as a food and nutrition student especially, I let others impact my food choices. I’m not saying this is a good way to be. In fact, it’s probably bad that I get gratification out of teaching others lessons and watching their reaction.  It gives me satisfaction to eat “junk food” in front of girls that believe you can only stay thin by eating vegetables. I enjoy being a positive example in front of the kids I babysit by eating a balanced dinner. Occasionally I purposely choose an unhealthier item with individuals who believe “Dietitians to be” only eat “clean food”.1384012_349518921850559_416927265_n539664_349519225183862_948359017_n

Notice how I am not listing specific foods? That is because I have adapted an “everything in moderation” approach where foods aren’t labeled as good or bad and nothing is off of limits.1391939_349518911850560_1314527251_n1380291_349519081850543_214560278_n

Sooner or later I would like to eat without feeling like others are judging me, but I am happy to say that I am no longer embarrassed by my choices and though I am consciously aware of what I believe to be their thoughts to be, they do not influence my choices so much that I ignore my cravings.1381581_349519171850534_1834493708_n 1186765_349519261850525_1195892337_n

So I’m not exactly sure where this post went, in fact it started and finished with me wondering what to write, but I guess I just wanted to talk a bit more about food since it is WIAW after all. I try not to over think food, but I’m noticing so many correlations between food in social situations some of which are criticized (food as a reward) and others which are supported (bringing a family together at meal time) that can really throw a loop in one’s eating patterns and it’s hard not to wonder whether the way in which you choose to eat is healthy or not. But I guess we are all left with the question what is healthy, what is disordered and what is obsessive? I’m proud to say that for the most part I have a healthy relationship with food and I eat a variety of vitamin and mineral (sodium and fibre included!) dense foods in moderate but adequate quantities balanced with the occasional (or not so occasional) less nutritious indulgence.  ♥ MollyWIAWbutton

“When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers. ” – Ellyn Satter

6 thoughts on “WIAW: Normal Eating

  1. great post Molls! It’s awesome that you are no longer worried about what others think about your eating! I think that sometimes it’s important to really take a look at what one is eating to make sure they are getting enough of what they need (vits/minerals/etc) and I hope that someday I can get off tracking what I eat as I find that counting can lead to obsessive thoughts about food. For now while my weight needs to increase, MyFitnessPal is never too far away, but hopefully in the future I will be able to ‘eat in the moment’

  2. I never track what I eat (unless of course its for a school assignment!) because I don’t want to get hung up on numbers. I prefer to just choose a variety of foods and strive through my general food choices to eat a balanced diet. I could care less if 1 type of bread has more calories/fat/etc. as long as its yummy and its good for me, right? And of course, treating myself to less-healthy foods sometimes (like ice cream ;)) is a must- because where’s the fun in eating healthy all the time? 😉

  3. Good for you doll! I’m on a road to being okay with “not-so-healthy” foods in moderation. Why must they keep libraries so cold? And my office too! I swear that’s why I’m eating all day because my body is using all it’s energy to keep warm!

  4. Your meals look phenomenal. PHENOMENAL! You look as though you eat a very balanced diet. I definitely eat in the moment and pay attention to what I am eating, most of the time- I cannot always say this about lunch when I am wolfing down a can of sardines in the car just because otherwise I might faint as I am driving through my day, but at least I always plan something healthy in advance 🙂 That salmon and roasted squash definitely have my taste buds drooling!

  5. very appropriate post for WIAW and it is smart of you to take a look at your intake if you have not felt satisfied or fueled adequately! my grandma loses weight every winter from shivering! she lives in FL so mind you this shivering takes place in 60 degree weather hahah which i’d kill for come december! one thing i had to teach and still am teaching myself is learning that just because i am sitting studying/working doesn’t mean i don’t deserve calories. the brain is mostly fat and we need fats to fuel it. i have been poisoned by all the “sitting is evil” messages the media sends and while i’m not condoning a sedentary lifestyle, it’s still a struggle for me to fuel my body well when i have been sitting all day at my desk or at my fave cafe blogging.

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