MIMM #9: Weekend Home

Early last week I started to miss my parents a lot. As beautiful as my residence room is, it still doesn’t feel like home. It’s not as though I haven’t made friends but our relationships naturally aren’t as close as those that I have back in Oakville. Thankfully the commute is only 2 hours and my mom was able to pick me up on Friday afternoon so that I could spend the weekend in my own bed.


Coming home to parents who will cook you meals, clean up after you and chauffeur you around is pretty marvelous after living independently for 2 weeks. London is full of marvelous opportunities such as the Covent Garden Market but it is a bit of a trek to walk or bus everywhere and the rainy weather has discouraged me from venturing off of campus. IMG_8110

I had an incredibly marvelous weekend and it started out with some marvelous mail. Joyce knows my obsession with tea and owls too well which is probably she sent along this variety of David’s tea (there is an owl on the package). Joyce also wrote a beautiful card and enclosed it with Owl stickers and sticky notes. As well, I received my Vega One French Vanilla and Vega Sport Vanilla, Silver Drinking Straws from the Maine Drinking Straw Company and the book “Whole Foods to Thrive”. Charissa put so much work into hosting the Colourful Smoothie Contest and I am so thankful that I was able not only to participate but win a prize.IMG_8173

The marvelous-ness continued when my mom picking me up from Chemistry class. The fact that she didn’t make me walk up the Brescia hill was not kind but pretty good door-to-door service. We had so much to catch up on the drive flew by. I’m pretty sure I talked my mom’s ear off. IMG_8187

Marvelous is being given Moon Cakes to celebrate the Harvest Moon. Our neighbours, the same ones who gave us Lobster from P.E.I, surprised us with Moon Cakes on Friday evening. They are so generous and thoughtful.The flavour and texture is definitely acquired and I can’t say I’ve ever had anything quite like it before. The box they delivered the cakes in was beautiful.

554664_342894899179628_1807322675_nMarvelous is getting together with Chelsea because we seem to relate on so many levels. It’s pretty obvious Chelsea’s blog is one of my favourites so I never turn down an opportunity to meet with her. It’s also pretty evident that our preferred places to meet up include Kindfood and Whole foods so it should be no surprise that I tried my first quinWOW bowl and fell in love with the marvelous miso gravy.1234268_342894942512957_1400790597_n

Marvelous is also attending Yoga class with Chelsea. We wanted to add in an extra component to our usual lunch date but the weather forecast was not promising which ruled out our idea of apple picking, frequenting the farmer’s market or hiking. Thankfully Chelsea had heard Be Yoga and Wellness was celebrating their birthday by teaching free yoga classes. We weren’t sure how hard it would be so we decided to stick to Hatha 1, but neither of us were overly challenged so we agreed to try Aerial or a more difficult level next time. I could definitely tell that my Pilates workouts have helped strengthen my core because I found myself more balanced while holding the tree pose. I haven’t practiced yoga in ages which is probably why I woke up sore the next morning. Amanda, the instructor, had a beautiful voice and finished the class with a powerful chant. The class was accompanied by live music so you could really feel the energy waves and rhythm of the beat. I found it a bit distracting because I wanted to watch the drummer and singer, but it definitely made for a positive atmosphere.1260869_342894869179631_1096412141_n1239528_342894962512955_1285484907_n

Marvelous is also discovering new local bakers. Nourishing Nook was giving away free samples at BeYoga and Welless so I got to try my first Sweet Potato muffin. She had kale chips that I found to be quite good since they were had a bit of a spicy kick to their crunch. Chelsea and I each had a granola circle and tried to decipher the recipe but found ourselves finishing the last bite before we had identified all the ingredients. I guess that just means I’ll have to purchase some which is definitely not a complaint on my end since they were marvelous.1368914_342894759179642_443416321_n 1371409_342894762512975_659219238_n1375906_342894845846300_507576849_n

Marvelous is also meeting Caitlin for coffee or watching Lottie blow bubbles and giggle. It’s having my last ice cream cone of the summer and then huddling with a blanket because Fall is definitely not frozen dessert weather. It’s hugging Emma, seeing Nathan, getting advice from my Mom and grocery shopping with my Dad.  It’s waking up to the smell of breakfast food and a full stocked fridge and winding down the evening with a cup of tea and in the company of my family. It’s being given the opportunity to go to university and to study a subject I am so passionate about. It’s taking time for myself just to be and it’s finally catching up on blog reading after being so behind. It’s being able to participate in things such as Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday tradition. What was marvelous about your weekend? What is marvelous about this upcoming week?  ♥ Molly

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey 

12 thoughts on “MIMM #9: Weekend Home

  1. LOVED this post, so nice that you got to come home to see the famjam. It looks like you had quite the packed weekend! I also tried my hand at yoga this weekend, although it’s nothing new to me, I tried out Bikrim for the first time and it was intense..90minutes! Crazy but it felt good to do it again. You and Chelsea seem to always have some cool things you are doing and I love that you sat there trying to decipher ingredients in that sample hahaha sounds like something I would do. I miss ya!

    • Good for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone. 90 minutes is intense! Was it hot yoga? I know! We couldn’t for the love of us tell if there were oats in them or just quinoa flakes?!

  2. Sounds lovely! We had Amelia’s bday this weekend and your name came up a whole lot!! Molly, you are such a ray of sunshine:) Have a terrific week!

    • Please wish Amelia a happy belated birthday. I would have loved to have attended. I hope the day as sweet and fun loving as she is! Thank you Candice, Charlotte and I will have to get together for some holiday baking!

  3. I’m SO glad I got to see you this weekend – I can’t wait until we can hang out next. Hopefully it will be soon when I come visit London and we can go to Organic Works and Covent Garden. 😀

    It sounds like you enjoyed the rest of your weekend too. Lottie is such a cutie – I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

  4. You are chelsea are so cute! I saw Amy over the weekend too. I think we should all get together 🙂
    My co-worker brought in moon cakes the other day. I loved learning more about her culture and I wish I could have eaten them!!!

    Also you should tell Joyce she has the most beautiful handwriting!

    • I would absolutely love that! I’m all for blogger reunions. Honestly, maybe it was just me, the dense texture or the persimmon centre, but I did not enjoy the taste so you aren’t missing out. Joyce does have beautiful penmanship the inside of the card was written with such love and perfection.

  5. Marvelous blog post!

    I always loved getting home for the weekend when I was in University (I’m all graduated now!). I only got home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter break, so it was always nice to see the fam. It looks like you are able to balance school and having time for you, which is so super important! Maintaining that balance keeps your head on your shoulders in the stressful times!

    As for my marvelousness, I spent a fantastic weekend of rest with my marvelous mother in Margaree (the highlands of Cape Breton, NS) at my cabin. I’m kicking off the week by trying a new recipe for lentil stew with a bazillion veggies in it!

    Have a fantastic..er… marvelous week!

  6. ice cream! yummy salad! cute baby! chelsie! what a marvelous weekend. i recently got a package from you and i am going to open it asap so i can thank you for the marvelous things that i’m sure are inside it. thank you!! xoxoxo

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