September Favourites

Happy September! By now you are used to my monthly favourites and with today being move-in day to Brescia, there’s no surprise that the theme is back-to-school.

I was assigned a start-time of noon and since London is only a 2 hour commute I don’t have to leave until 9:30 or so. This leaves me ample of time to blog since the vehicle was packed up last night thanks to my Dad. I’m not quite sure how he managed to fit everything in while leaving room for four passengers. Saying I over pack is an understatement, which is precisely why I’m too embarrassed to post a photo of my load after the addition of clothing, technology and last minute room decor. Panicking that I forgot something is oh so common for me but it’s better to be over prepared right? I neglected to mention my suitcase was 10 lbs overweight when traveling to and from Myrtle Beach but lucky for me I was let through with no charge! Whoops. September Favourites

1. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie 2. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 3. Kate Spade Le Pavillion Laptop Sleeve 4. Swingline Colour Bright Staples 5. Roots Mini Alex Pack 6. Swingline Red Stapler 7. Studio Oh! 2014 Live Simply Agenda 8. Wilson Jones Heavy Sheet Protectors 9. Pier One Sticky Note Pad Set with Owls 10. Quartet Screamers Dry-Erase Markers

But since today is the beginning of a new month not only is it time to post items I look forward to purchasing, I’ll also be taking the opportunity to outline some goals. I’m adding in a school category because I think those objectives should be kept separate from personal ambitions.


  • Reconnect: I took a lot of time off from blog writing and reading during my vacation to Myrtle Beach. While I am not about to dwell that my posts weren’t published to my standards (weekend posts, lack of consistency and weird timing), I do miss the friendships I was starting to build as I left comments on other blogs, or kept track of what other bloggers were pursuing. With school work fast approaching and homework soon accumulating it is unrealistic to think I will be able to dedicate more than an hour to the blog world each day. My goal is to become a more concise writer and really start to utilize organizational tools so that I can read blogs more effectively (blog updates).
  • Layout: My blog appearance still isn’t where I’d like it to be. I’m questioning whether I want to become self-hosted or even splurge for a customizable domain. Regardless I want to sit down and really learn what is available in terms of font sizes, colours, gadgets and widgets.
  • Subject Matter: Since I have a prepaid meal plan that I need to use, I don’t plan on cooking for myself very often. While I hope to create a recipe at least once a month either on a weekend home or using the oven provided in our lounge room, I am going to have to become more creative with my blog posts. While my blog isn’t necessarily a food blog, I have trouble coming up with equally interesting topics to write about (apart from food). If you have any suggestions just let me know!


  • Nutrition: I’ve been having a lot of allergic reactions recently, especially after being stung by a jelly fish in Myrtle Beach. Earlier in the week my arm swelled up and we aren’t sure if it is because of the sting or because I was around nuts. Usually I am not that sensitive but it’s really the only explanation since my sting wasn’t infected! I’m going to have to be extremely cautious about reading cafeteria food ingredients and asking how items were prepared. I’m also going to be extremely aware of fueling my body and brain since I have a tendency of eating less when I am busy with school work. Nutrition is so important for my concentration and with a history of restrictive eating I don’t have room for a slip because it could easily turn into a spiral.
  • Appointments: Come September 9th I will be having a lot of appointments. Right now many of them seem unnecessary but I know that they are in place for a reason and I need to stay accountable. I need to manage my time so that I don’t feel like they are taking away from study sessions.
  • Friendships: While I am open to meeting new people, I also don’t want to lose touch with my friends back at home. I am hoping to find a balance between my school and social work without one overpowering the other.


  • Readings: I am writing this as a personal reminder to stay on top of my homework. I’ve never been one to procrastinate but I do worry when deadlines approach. Not having enough time is a big stress for me. Being ahead of the course material is definitely better than being behind since lectures serve as a review as opposed to being an unfamiliar lesson.
  • Extra Help: I’m not very good at asking questions because I worry others will think I am stupid. This is an irrational fear and the bottom line is that if I don’t understand something I need to ask for clarification. Chances are someone else is thinking a similar thought. Western, especially Brescia’s campus offers so many clinics or help sessions and I should try to utlize them for all that they are worth.
  • Have fun: I truly love learning but when grades come in to play I often put too much pressure on myself which takes away from education being fun. My goal is to take this year as a learning curve and chances are if I am less stressed I will perform better. I also want to engage in extra curricular activities without taking on too many commitments. Volunteer work and involvement is equally important for getting the most out of your University experience and it does enhance a resume for purposes.

I’m both excited and nervous for school to begin. I’m excited to be reunited with friends in London but I am sad to leave my family (and other friends) behind. I never realized that I am actually kind of a homebody! Thank goodness for Skype and Facetime or else I might not recognize Lottie when I come home in 3 weeks. I’m only kidding but she is growing and learning at a fast pace. Luckily I have a week to settle in before classes begin which allows me to re-familiarize myself with campus and a sleeping routine. Can’t wait to share photos from my new room with you. Take care. ♥ Molly


8 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. awww I hope your school year is amazing! I love your goals and I think they are soo realistic. I really hated the fact that in first year I had to get a meal plan because my place had a kitchen so I ended up wasting most of the money on random meals for my parents to take home because I didn’t really spend anything at all. :-S I think you will really love being back in school as I know that you have missed the learning aspect just make sure, like you said, to not say yes to every commitment that comes up such that you stress yourself out and don’t make the mistake (like I did) of letting school run your life and loosing out on a lot of social things.

  2. part 2 as it wouldn’t let me post the whole thing lol -> I really regret letting my perfectionism and marks take over my years, especially my first year where I could have definitely squeezed in some more fun times! xo

    • Thanks Chelsea! Great advice as usual. I suppose we can’t live in “should haves” and we will just learn from our experience. It’s never too late to start having fun!

  3. I’m so excited for you to move in and get started at Brescia! I miss it tons, so I want to live vicariously through you. 😉 As for blog content, I think you should definitely post about your meals and how you stay healthy eating cafeteria food. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of miss the cafeteria food at Saugeen. The stir fry and sandwich bars were the best! And the Italian grilled cheeses? Omg. I need to recreate one of those for my blog someday soon.

    And yes yes yes to having fun. Do not overly stress out about school work because knowing you, you’ll still get 90s without even trying too hard. Having a FUN university experience is so much better than getting 100s all the time. I wish I’d learned that sooner.

    If you ever need to chat about anything, shoot me a text or Facebook message! ❤

    • Thanks Chelsea! I cannot wait to begin classes and get back on a routine, I miss school a lot like you. I’m excited to have you at the tip of my fingers if I ever need help and I hope you’ll visit!

  4. You have a good head on your shoulders girl and you are going to do great in University. You are thinking ahead about your strengths and weaknesses and things that might cause you to spiral or feel out of it. I want you to know that there will be stressful moments but you have everything you need to get through them. Don’t bury your nose in the books every minute- give yourself at least one night off a week where you chill with friends. The school work will be there the next morning I promise, but friends might not. Email me whenever you are feeling lost or excited or anything!

  5. Your goals sounds wonderful Molly! I am so happy for you. This is your time to shine. Remember to take things one day at a time. I’m only ever a text away and can visit you in the library if you ever need a hug! I love your goal of asking questions if you need clarification. I asked TONS of questions throughout undergrad and went to almost all the help sessions provided. Don’t ever feel stupid for asking questions, this is your university experience and you’re paying for it! Make sure your needs are met, don’t worry about what others think! 🙂

    All the best,

  6. I came across a quote today that I thought was appropriate for the beginning of the school year:

    “In between goals is a tiny thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

    It is all about balance – something I constantly have to remember 🙂

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