Myrtle Beach: WIAW

This post was intended to be published on Wednesday, August 28th 2013.

Today was my last morning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While I am sad to be back at home I must admit that I missed home cooked meals, my own bed and of course my family. I have so much to look forward in the upcoming week that I haven’t had time to dwell on the fact that I no longer overlook the ocean from my balcony. Blogging has also hit a low but I promise to update you on all of my adventures, starting with good eats since it is WIAW after all.WIAWbutton

With the exception of this morning and Cracker Barrel, breakfast was typically a smoothie, yogurt or cereal with fruit! I had the pleasure of dining at Cracker Barrel which was overwhelmingly busy but delicious none the less. It isn’t exactly fine dining but I did enjoy my scrambled egg, yogurt parfait and fried apples. In my opinion, fried apples are essentially the filing of apple pie. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t have the granola in the parfait since it was pre-made with nuts. Oh well! This morning I ate at the resort’s breakfast buffet. They had an omelette bar but I didn’t think I could stomach eggs before getting on a plane so I opted for an assortment of fresh fruit and mini waffle instead. I also had a bit of french toast that was just alright and I sipped on hot coffee throughout my meal.4 1208925_329880783814373_1198689563_n 13

Lunch was usually eaten in the room with an assortment of crackers, cheese, shaved meats, buns, salad, veggies and fruit. Surprisingly we found ourselves at the Tilted Kilt for a quick bite to eat one afternoon. It’s an interesting venue, probably meant more for males, but if you can get over the crop tops, short skirts and knee high socks the food is good. I ordered the Chicken Tendered Salad, which was served with a mustard vinaigrette. I wasn’t fond of the fried chicken but the dressing had a neat tang, which complimented the mandarin oranges well.6 15

Snacks included chips, popsicles, fruit and a drink from the tiki bar. Not my typical eating but it was vacation so I wasn’t expecting to eat purely clean. I am proud that I can finally order foods that aren’t necessarily grilled (fried) or bland (no seasoning or dressing). 10

Dinner was where the fun began. The Carolina Roadhouse was recommended to us on our flight down and it did not disappoint. In fact we ended up eating there twice. They are known for their croissants and prime rib, neither of which I am fond of, but I ordered a Grilled Rosemary Salmon Salad which came with a croissant that changed my outlook on white carbohydrates. Usually I pick breads with more sustenance but this was flakey and flavourful and when it melted in my mouth it also took with it my heart. I enjoyed my meal so much that I ended up ordering a similar meal the second time around. I was feeling a bit nauseous from the long car ride, so I just got a house salad but switched out the almonds, bacon and ham for shaved turkey. I am glad that the restaurant was so accommodating of my allergies and preferences. I also had a few onion rings and nachos prior to the meal, and a spoonful of Caitlin’s potato soup. I’d highly recommend this restaurant to anyone but be sure to book a reservation since it is very popular and overly crowded. Others at my table really enjoyed the prime rib, but be warned that medium is still very raw and red.8 16

We also ate at the Olive Garden twice because it is a family tradition to begin and end the trip with an Italian meal. On the first visit I enjoyed the soup (minestrone), salad (garden) and breadstick combination. The second time I ordered a plate of mussels steamed in a garlic wine sauce. I devoured them and still had room for a few BLANK which are Italian dognuts that we drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.1 5 2 3

Other meals included take in pizza from Hungry Howie’s, shrimp and chips from Finn McCools and even a pirate feast at Pirate’s Voyage. The feast included a vegetable soup, chicken, corn, potatoes and an apple turnover. I tried my first glass (which turned into 4 glasses) of Unsweetened Cold Tea. It was so refreshing.14 88 7

We had a kitchen in our suite so we cooked two of our meals. One night we made fajitas which I ate without the tortilla as a mexican salad and the other day we had freshly caught shrimp. When the kids and dads were jet skiing the mom’s flagged down a shrimp boat and purchased 7lbs of headless shrimp. They then spent 2 hours de-veining which couldn’t have been fun or pleasant but it was well worth it because our meal of veggies, ceasar salad, old-bay seasoned shrimp and rice was delicious.9 12

Taking a break from reality is what a vacation is all about and that includes venturing out from home cooked meals that you are familiar with. So while I couldn’t have southern Pecan Pie because of my allergies, nor did I eat pan fried-pork, fatback or biscuits and gravy, I am glad that I was able to try a few southern favourites! ♥ Molly

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” – Erma Bombeck


5 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach: WIAW

  1. Such a variety in there Miss Molly and I’m so glad that you felt better about ordering what you wanted at a restaurant! One thing I will do eventually is go out for breakfast because I have never actually had a real pancake or waffle in my life 0_0 lol i know! I would love to try one in the future for one of my ‘special’ days if I can get away from my ice cream hahaha

    • I’m not a huge breakfast person in general – let alone eating it out – so I’m not too shocked you haven’t tried one. They aren’t nearly as filling as protein pancakes but their fluffy texture is a “must try at least once” kind of deal.

  2. Molly, Thank you for your compliments on Carolina Roadhouse! We strive for the “wow” experience and pleased your experience was exactly that. And yes, the croissants are delicious!!

    • It means a lot that you read my mini review. I loved Carolina Roadhouse and would recommend it to any travellers or even local citizens in Myrtle Beach! I only wish you could bring it to Ontario!

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