Myrtle Beach: 5 Days and Counting

Myrtle Beach. It’s the place where time loses its meaning and cares slip away with the tide. I can wake up each morning to the bright golden sun and drift off each evening to the soft sound of the ocean. Each day is filled with a fun excursion, a new memory and sun kissed cheeks. There are picturesque beaches, luscious green palmetto trees, cloudless skies and an abundance of seashells. There really is something memorable for everyone which is probably why my friend Caitlin and her family return year after year.2222222 33333322222

I am so grateful to have been brought on their family vacation, and even more so since they know the best activities to adventure on. Monday and Tuesday were very relaxing since we were just settling in. At the resort we are staying in Tuesday’s are “Pool Parties”, so there was a DJ playing music and hosting contests. I entered a Hula Hooping competition and came in third out of over 30 kids. I made it into the finals but lost my hoop when I spun left instead of right and tried to correct myself too quickly. They had me hula hooping on one leg, while doing funny faces, while jumping, while people splashed me (not fun since I was wearing a dress), while kneeling, while balancing on my toes and while spinning around. The prize was ice cream so I bet you know why I was so disappointed when my hoop fell. Oh well. Tuesday night we also visited Barefoot Landing which has many quaint shops such as Purpleologist and Christmas Mouse. I really enjoyed the “Natural Life” collection from Ron Jon since it featured many inspirational quotes and lots of owl designs. 4444441111111 111111111111

We all needed a break from the sun so we spent Wednesday shopping at Tanger Outlets. It reminded me of the new Toronto Premium Outlet since it was outdoors as well but very protected with awnings. I found a cute pair of Nine West flats on sale from for $14.00 originally $75.00. You bet I used a 10% off coupon to bring the price down further. The States has so many bargains. I now know why they have a show called Extreme Couponers. I also got a pair of jeans since I desperately need pants for the fall. They were only $12.00! I had my eye on a Kate Spade purse but I opted to wait since I knew there was more shopping to be done later in the week. Thursday was also spent at a mall because the clouds looked threatening. I found another pair of Nine-West shoes at Belk on sale for $25.00 from $80.00. My mom and Emma already have this style so now we will all match. To conclude the night I watched beach fireworks from the balcony of our room. I’m not used to Red, White and Blue sparkles.55555PG.NWVOODOO.JJ169A0.PZ 111111

Thankfully the weather cleared up because we had booked Jet skiing for Friday morning. Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins but riding the waves both as a driver and passenger was pretty neat. Usually dolphins follow shrimp boaters but the fishermen were all docked because of the low tides. In the afternoon we continued with our water themed day and tanned on the beach. The sun was so hot I decided to take a dip in the ocean but after only a minute of floating a jellyfish stung me. I didn’t cry but let it be known that it hurt more than anything. It caught me by surprise since the jellyfish was clear not purple like I am used to from P.E.I. I’ve never been stung by a bee but I can tell you it hurts more but isn’t as itchy as an allergic reaction. I was told to rub the wound with salt water, sand and finally vinegar. The first hour was brutal but by the evening the pain had dispersed and the hives subsided. My friend’s mom treated me to a Raspberry Daiquiri which made up for the pain I was feeling – not that it was her fault I got hurt. 3344434422333 2222333

Overall I am really enjoying my time in Myrtle Beach. I hope someday I can come back with my family, maybe when Lottie is old enough to build a sandcastle. It has a bit of a southern feel, not only in the setting and food, but also in their “accent” and slang. My iPhone is taking some nice photos but I do wish I had my DSLR for shooting the sunrise and sunset. I suppose that’s just another excuse to return. Happy Saturday. ♥ Molly

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


5 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach: 5 Days and Counting

  1. Molly, we are so grateful to have you with us this year. And 5 days in, it’s been nothing but great fun and adventure. Still a Pirate Voyage and all-out Go Karting to go! 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful vacation (minus the jelly fish eek!!!). Serious bargain on those shoes! I love shopping in the states. Actually I like a lot of things about the states but Canada is my home ❤ Enjoy the rest of the time in Myrtle Beach!!!

  3. I am so sorry about the jellyfish! some are just more attractive to them I think, but I am glad it hasn’t ruined your trip and it seems like you have had an awesome trip! My dad goes to there every year and loves it (especially the food actually). Nice bargain shopping! I never get that lucky at the outlets!

    • I did luck out – I was told to buy a lottery ticket until I realized I am both Canadian (Can you claim the prize?) and I got stung – My luckiness came to an end!

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