MIMM #6: Packing

I hope everyone had a marvelous past two days! I’ve gotten into the habit of taking Saturdays and Sundays off from blogging and I think that makes my Monday posts even more marvelous. Weekend recaps are fun to write, although this weekend was pretty low key as I was packing for University and my trip so I don’t have too many things to share. It sure was hard turning down offers for Ice Cream and Coffee but I knew my focus had to be preparing for school so that I could be worry-free throughout my vacation. I don’t think it would be marvelous to spend my trip sick because I wore myself out with gatherings, nor would it be marvelous to be thinking about all of the things I had to buy or do to get ready for school so I mustered up the courage to say no, because packing had to be my priority. At 3:30 p.m. I will be landing in Myrtle Beach! If that isn’t marvelous in it of itself, I don’t know what is! I have yet to visit a beach this summer so 10 days at an ocean front resort will certainly make up for what I have been missing out on. But just because I spent most of my weekend folding clothes and organizing supplies doesn’t mean nothing was marvelous!44

On Friday I visited Joyce and got to meet Honey, her bunny. Honey is a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit which is just like me, Dutch and “Miniature”. It’s always nice to see Joyce she inspires me to be the best version of myself. I’m so fortunate to have her in my life as a friend, supporter and great advice-giver. Our visits are never complete without a bowl of Frozen Yogurt so not only did we chat over coffee in her apartment, but we made a much needed marvelous stop in at Yogurty’s. I tried Mochi bites for the first time!555 2

Saturday morning was spent running errands and packing. Despite my clothing fitting in a medium sized suitcase, I opted to bring a large suitcase because I knew I’d be needing space for my purchases. Thankfully my clothing is light because I am terrible at narrowing down which dresses (or how many) to bring. There’s a slight chance I packed my entire closet! Let’s be real I could also use the extra space to fill with Chobani and Arctic Zero if they didn’t need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. I spent the evening with my friend Caitlin, confirming travel details and baking cupcakes. Whenever Caitlin goes on a trip she bakes something for her boyfriend. This year she made him ocean themed cupcakes using blue icing, graham cracker crumbs, teddy grahams, lifesaver and fish gummies. There is one marvelous cupcake for each day we will be gone. She seriously deserves an award for being the best girlfriend ever.1111

The best part of Sunday was driving – I’m being half serious, I find driving marvelous and I cannot wait until I no longer need a supervisor with me. I’ve been eligible to drive for 4 years now, but I’m only just realizing how convenient it would be to have my license. In all honesty though, the real highlight of Sunday was when our neighbours dropped off live lobster that they brought back from the East Coast. I thought it was pretty brave of them to drive to P.E.I since they’ve only lived in Canada for a month! My dad has been helping them to adjust to the culture and language since they moved from China. Not only did they provide us with 4 lobsters, but they completed our meal with P.E.I. potatoes and fresh corn on the cob as a thank you for watching over their pool and house. We served the meal with watermelon, beets and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. A true lobster feast!

IMG_6909 IMG_6920

Other marvelous things I am thankful for are:

  • Insurance Plan: I didn’t have to pay a cent when refilling my EpiPen prescription. Normally it would cost over $200.00 for 2 but thankfully my Dad has great benefits in combination with the Ontario Health Plan. I am even covered in the States which is reassuring just incase of an emergency.
  • Nail Polish: I gave myself a home manicure and pedicure last night. I used Essie “Bikini So Teeny” and “Secret Story”. I’m not sure if they go well together (One is periwinkle the other is pink), but I figure my feet and hands are far enough apart that nobody will judge my colour coordination or style.
  • Warm Weather: Earlier in the week I mentioned the weather being too cool for my liking. It seemed to perk up this weekend so I managed to soak up some sun while swimming in our pool. We also got to eat dinner on our deck! Hooray for Vitamin D.MiMM

Thank you Katie for putting a positive spin on the “dreaded” outlook many have about Mondays! What was marvelous about your weekend? What will be marvelous today in your Monday? ♥ Molly

“When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED.” – Dr. Seuss


3 thoughts on “MIMM #6: Packing

  1. Want those cupcakes!!

    I used to pack my entire life with me when I went to school! You’re making me miss school lady. Will be back in Montreal (where I went to school) the same weekend most of the froshies move in in a few weeks so maybe I can pretend? LOL

  2. Your friend Joyce sounds a lot like my best friend Rebekah! And Caitlin is indeed the best gf in the books lol I might have to steal her idea if I ever find a boy 😉 I do admire your discipline to turn down fun to pack because that never happens for me until time is almost out… I saw your instagram with the lobster! I have never had lobster (I was too picky as a child when we visited seafood places and now its never on the menu) what does it taste like?

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