DIY: Flower Crown

My Instagram feed was filled with flower crowns after Digital Dreams and this floral trend continued throughout VELD and Osheaga. I think it’s safe to say the song “Flowers in your hair” by the Lumineers inspired this decorative accessory.

I’m not really into concerts, so I didn’t attend these music festivals, but I did enjoy hosting a mini “What not to wear” session while critiquing photos from the events. Kidding, but seriously, I don’t know why people think it’s appropriate to go out in sequinned lace bras? Maybe as a dance costume! I must admit, I never thought I’d be a crop top kind of girl, but I’ve fallen in love with the look of a little midriff. Just a peak though. I figure if someone has the confidence to show a bit of skin, why not because done right, it can look super cute. Curls, a high waisted skirt and a vintage crop top is my new casual but sophisticated look. Oh and don’t forget the flower crown!IMG_6545

But since we don’t all have $20.00 – $30.00 to spend on (essentially) a nice headband, I’ve come up with my own DIY. With the exception of fake flowers, which you can find at almost any dollar store, I used items I had on hand so my homemade version not only provided me with an afternoon craft, but was extremely affordable. Be sure to try it out! Would you ever be caught just wearing a bra in public? What’s your outlook on crop tops? Are you enjoying the return of the “flower power” era? What’s your favourite song by the Lumineers? ♥ MollyIMG_6580

Daisy CrownIMG_6563

You will need…

  • A bunch of fake flowers, small petals (daisies) are preferable
  • Twine, colour of preference, 60 feet
  • Light-weight craft wire, 90 inches
  • Scissors, strong enough to cut wire
  • Glue gun and extra hot glue sticks

DIY Flower Crown

  1. Gather all supplies and begin heating (plug in) hot glue gun.
  2. Cut twine into eight, 90’ strings. Braid two separate braids using three twine strings each, tying at either end to prevent braid from coming undone.
  3. Braid a third braid using remaining two twine strings and strand of wire. Braids do not have to be perfectly consistent in size, but should remain fairly tight throughout. Braid all three braids together, tying at either end.
  4. Measure against head. If your head is smaller, you may want to trim off excess length before creating the crown. If not, twist ends together to make a continuous circle. Tuck in ends and secure in place with hot glue.
  5. Cut flowers from the bunch, making sure to leave long stems. If using multiple colours, be sure to pick an equal amount of each. For a fuller look, cut more flowers, alternatively if you want to see more twine, cut less. I used a total of nine between the three colours.
  6. Interweave the stems of the flowers into the braid. To prevent the flowers from slipping, glue stem to the twine on the inside of the crown so that the glue cannot be seen. Repeat until complete.
  7. Wear as a headband to hold hair out of eyes, or as a crown on top of your head.

2 thoughts on “DIY: Flower Crown

    • Thanks. Give yourself some credit, with more practise I’m sure you have the skills to succeed. You are good with your hands (baking) and can follow interactions (cooking/recipes) so I’m sure you can do it!

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