WIAW: Smoothie Edition

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, or if you read my August Goals, you’ll know that I am participating in Charissa’s “Colourful Smoothie Challenge”.


Charissa is giving away so many amazing products it’s impossible not to stay motivated to drink a smoothie each day in hope’s of earning points towards that final prize. She’s also been posting some pretty neat recipes so be sure to check them out. This week I’ve decided to dedicate my WIAW to Smoothies because they are so prominent in my diet. They are my go-to snack and have even been replacing ice cream as my dessert! In the morning I blend in my coffee for a caffeine boost! I’ve also been enjoying Green Juice, my favourite recipe being a combination of Spinach, Arugula, Apple, Cucumber, Parsley and Lime Juice. Here are a few of my other creations so far:IMG_6517 IMG_6384 IMG_6387

What I love about Smoothies is that done right, they can pack in a lot of vitamins, and minerals. They make for easy breakfasts as you can take them to go and slurp them through a straw. There’s no excuse for “not having time” since all you have to do is throw ingredients into a blender and pulse on high for less than a minute. Did I mention they make very little mess? I truly believe they are as filling and nutritious as a meal because you can blend in high sources of protein and healthy fats. Smoothies are so adaptable so you can customize them to suit your needs. If you find beverages aren’t for you, try thickening it up and eating it like soup. If you need that crunch to feel satisfied, why not top it with granola, kamut puffs, chia seeds or hemp hearts. Smoothies are a great ways to get in your vegetables if you have trouble getting in all of your servings. They are also an excellent way to use up produce that is almost past it’s prime because the riper the fruit, the better it is suited for a smoothie. If you choose to incorporate milk or yogurt in your smoothie, it will also provide you with some much needed calcium. In the summertime I find smoothies a great way to stay hydrated. While I prefer to drink them as a snack or dessert, I know many choose to have them as a post-workout shake or meal replacement.IMG_6400

It’s unlikely that you’ve never seen a smoothie being made, but in case you are lacking inspiration, here is a go to guide that I created based on tips I’ve gathered from Pinterest.  Just remember, soluble fiber fruits provide a smoother overall finish to your smoothie and vegetables that are poignant make it harder to mask their flavours. Adding in a banana will make your smoothie sweeter and creamier, without overpowering the other flavours. I also don’t think it is necessary to go crazy with “superfoods” like Goji Berries and Bee Pollen since your smoothie should already be dense in flavour and nutrition, plus these “superfoods” can add up in price turning your beverage into an expensive meal. Like Chelsea’s post explained, chia seeds are a nice treat but they aren’t needed to achieve optimal health.


Molly’s Smoothie Guide (The Asterisks * are my favourite, Measurements are approximate) 

1. Pick a Base: 1 Cup

  • Green Tea *
  • Cow’s Milk *
  • Flax Milk *
  • Coconut Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Coconut Water
  • Water

2. Add Your Favourite Fruit: 2 Cups

  • Banana *
  • Strawberries *
  • Raspberries *
  • Blueberries *
  • Mango *
  • Nectarine / Peach *
  • Watermelon *
  • Cantaloupe *
  • Lemon Juice *
  • Lime Juice *
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Cherries

3. Hide Some Vegetables: 1 Cup

  • Kale *
  • Spinach *
  • Arugula *
  • Beets *
  • Carrots *

4. Thicken It Up

  • Handful of Ice *
  • Frozen Cucumber *
  • Protein Powder *
  • Chickpeas *
  • Oats

5. Add Some Flavour: 1- 2 Tablespoons

  • Fat: Soy Butter *, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter,  ½ Avocado, Coconut Oil, Flax Oil
  • Spice: Cinnamon *, Vanilla Extract *, Maple Extract *, Parsley *, Basil *, Mint *, Cilantro, Lemongrass, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cloves, Spirulina, Chlorella Powder
  • Sweetener: Stevia *, Dates *, Figs, Honey, Agave, Maple Syrup,

6. Blend it together

7. Top and Serve: 1-2 Tablespoons

  • Superfoods: Chia Seeds *, Flax Seeds *, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Cacao Beans


You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more smoothie recipes on my blog since I am trying to switch up my blends so that I don’t get bored with the challenge. Shannon recommended adding in Sweet Potatoes but I am open to other suggestions as well! What do you love about Smoothies? Do you find them thirst quenching and filling? ♥ Molly

Fun Fact: Did you know that smoothie consumption has gone up more than 80% in the last 5 years? It’s the business to be in!

16 thoughts on “WIAW: Smoothie Edition

  1. Sometimes I go a weeee bit crazy with the superfoods. Definitely a good idea to pick just one. I’ve never tried bee pollen, is it good? Unlikely that I need it since my pantry legit looks like a health food store. I have a spending problem ahhhh! K gonna go make a smoothie 😉

    • I have only tried bee pollen once and I couldn’t even begin to explain it’s taste. It has a bit of a crunch almost, and is kind of sweet. Not my cup of tea but it is said to be good for obtaining amino acids, folic acid and B-complex since it’s a protein. Enjoy your smoothie.

  2. Definitely try a sweet potato! I cook my sweet potato in the microwave let it cool and freeze it the day before and then blend it up with milk and cottage cheese and flax then top with cashew butter! Smoothies are my go to in school because sometimes I only have free time walking from class to work at the lab!

    • I’m planning on bringing my magic bullet with me to University because like you, I find smoothies are a great meal on the go. It’s nice that you can prep things ahead of time for the times when you are hungry but don’t have time for a sit down meal.

  3. Sometimes I wish that I could tolerate smoothies, but liquids and me just dont mix. I just get wayyy too full after not very much at all so it would be hard to meet my macro needs with a smoothie despite being able to pack them full of good stuff. Although I can’t drink em I have some tips for those who can 😀

    -make sure you add a fat to keep your blood sugar from spiking due to the fructose (unless it’s for post-workout)
    -adding xantham gum (and maybe guar gum) acts as a great thickener and makes it all ice cream like
    -other cool toppings or add-ins could include some homemade cookie dough bites (if you are eating it like ice cream), cocoa nibs, fish oils/flax oils (for getting your daily omegas which are suuuppper important), wheatgrass, kefir (if you can stand the stuff-great for probiotics)
    -freeze your ‘milk’ base in ice cubes to get it really thick

    • Those are great tips. I’ve never tried Kefir but I’ve been seeing it on a lot of blogs lately, same with xantham gum. I can’t believe I’ve never thought to freeze milk for ice cubes.. Yum! Thanks Chelsea. Hopefully someday you’ll be able tolerate the liquid – My only tip would to make it super dense so that it’s more of a thick soup/ice cream than smoothie that way there is less of it. As you said adding oils or nut butters is a great way to get in extra energy with less quantity.

      • Me too.. That one time I tried turning my protein pudding into ice cream.. The fail lol… I was sooo bloated after because of the extra liquid 😣 so sad. But yea no problem! The ice cube thing was something I came across and such a good idea!

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