It’s Okay to Rest

We all deserve to be in a state of bliss, inner peace and contentment. No one should live in a continuous cycle of anxiety. Stress is a demon that sits on your back and only makes you worry.

This week has been a great reminder that it is okay to slow down, as there are a lot of benefits in being still.  There are so many little things that I take for granted because I am not engaged in the movements of every day living. Brushing my teeth, talking to my family, sleeping in new bed sheets and even eating a home cooked meal are activities I subconsciously rush through. What’s not to enjoy about driving through three green lights in a row, finding an unexpected fifty dollar bill in your wallet or even finishing off the last slice of cake that you assumed would be gone by now? I am often searching for the next best thing so I don’t stay present long enough to appreciate scenerios for all that they are worth. Your entire life is simply composed of “right nows”. The best is not in front of you or behind you, it’s within you always in each moment.

IMG_0804 IMG_2382

It has taken me a while to learn the joy of relaxing. I used to get bored if I wasn’t baking, cooking, cleaning or out with friends. Although I still enjoy busyness, I have learned that finding a state of “calm” can be just as fulfilling. I don’t disagree that multi-tasking is important, but I also know that I must be able to set things aside and focus on my own thoughts once and a while. The past few days I’ve turned down offers to go out for lunch or coffee that I’m sure I would have enjoyed, but I spent time finding inner happiness just being with myself.

I achieve a balance through meditation, yoga, journaling, reading and even napping. It’s hard not to feel lazy when I take a day off from the gym, but it’s important for me to trust my body and give it what it needs. If it’s craving sleep, then I’m fine pressing snooze a few extra times. I don’t need a lot of me time in my day, just a half an hour in the bath or twenty minutes of peace and quiet before I fall asleep. Alone time no longer makes me feel lonely, it is simply viewed as time alone.IMG_0134 IMG_6822

So if you find yourself stressed or sad, try to think of all of the little things in your life that you’ve achieved. A simple high five, a letter to a friend, washing the dishes or even making your bed are all accomplishments that you probably disregard. As long as you breathe, eat, sleep and protect your body each day, you are being productive with your time! I challenge you to devote some time to yourself, especially since we are going into the weekend. Whether you choose to use this time to have a shower, get a manicure, write in your journal or even call a friend is up to you; but please, take 60 minutes out of your week, ten minutes each day, for YOU time. ♥ Molly

“To be still means to empty yourself from the incessant flow of thoughts and create a state of consciousness that is open and receptive.” –  John Daido LoriIMG_8504 IMG_1108