Family Fashion Show

It’s Fashion Friday… Only one day late! I had high hopes of publishing this post yesterday, but after a long night on the runway, I woke up too tired to do the event justice. My apologies in advance for the quality of photography, as I only had my iPhone to document the evening. I know what you are thinking… If you give me 7inch heels, I can pretend to be 6 feet tall, but the reality is, my frame is “petite” and I am by no means “runway” material. As a kid, I did a few modeling classes here and there, but I much preferred competitive dancing to posing. I’ve been told I could do “commercials” because I have a bubbly personality and a versatile look, but my face is far too “young” for the runway. photo-91 First Outfit

1. Sunstrip Pullover 2. Pilcro Hyphen Relaxed Jeans 3. Brixton Satchel

So when Emma came home from her job eagerly presenting this “Mini Fashion Show” opportunity, I didn’t exactly know what to say. Emma works a retail position at Anthropologie in Oakville. While my frame fits better into Urban Outfitters, a sister company, Anthropologie is by far Caitlin’s, Emma’s and my Mom’s favourite store! Their materials are durable yet feminine, their styles are unique but still trendy and their accessories can definitely take an outfit to the next level. Don’t even get me started on their kitchen and home décor section. If only money was unlimited!

image-3 Second Outfit

1. Shadow Bloom Top 2. Striped Remy Skirt 3. Matte Geo Shades

The great part about Anthropologie is that they really engage in appreciating their customers. Sometimes they offer complimentary lemonade as a refreshing treat, and in this case, they were putting on a fashion show at the Shops of Don Mills in Toronto for loyal shoppers! The fashion show did a great job representing a range of body types and ages. It was a family affair as my mom, Emma and I all modelled. My grandmother, Caitlin and Lottie also came to watch the event. Afterwards, they had cake pops, chicken skewers, tomato with boccaccini cheese and even Sangria. photo-93 IMG_2365-1 photo-94 The event was fun, and even got me thinking about how I can better dress my body, since their stylist chose out my two outfits. It was a great way to see clothing come to life, and to try on outfits you wouldn’t normally dress yourself in. Thank you Anthropologie for putting on a fun evening. ♥ Molly

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint-Laurent

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