In Fond Memory

Sometimes in life we are fortunate to meet people who motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. Yesterday I celebrated the life of someone who continues to embody the role of an inspirer.

Frank Dempsey. To some he was an NFL and CFL athlete, to others he was the best salesman, and to his family he was an amazing husband, father and grandfather. I feel blessed to have met Frank Dempsey, for he is one of the only people that has made me feel beautiful.


If Frank had been present at his visitation, he would have called it a “Beauty Contest”. Frank made every female, from babies to grandmothers, feel like they were the prettiest person around. From “Miss Universe” to “Miss Canada”, I was a winner but only second to his “Perfect Ten Wife”.

Through memories Frank’s humour, smile, and story will continue to live on. For he will not be gone, until the last person who remembers him fondly is no longer present.

As family remarked, Frank was a BIG man who lived a LARGE life. He demanded everyone’s attention when he entered a room because he not only filled it in size, but also with his bold personality. If he had a goal, he would achieve it. He knew how to create the most out of a buffet table, find light in every opportunity, and make strangers feel like his best friend. His generosity touched so many lives as he made bighearted donations, and opened his home to all.

Words cannot even begin to describe how well Frank Dempsey lived his life. He was an interesting man who lived an adventurous life. He was the unofficial mayor of Downtown Oakville as he greeted all who passed him in his motor vehicle. Frank was an important man, so important that Wikipedia even created a page about him!

You will be tremendously missed Frankie D. Going forward I will always ask myself “What would Frank do?. ♥ Molly

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes


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